Monday, January 24, 2011

What's Happening? - Jan 2011

well, for one, school is back in session... but the plus side? i'm graduating in less than four months!
its back to the grind, and time to let you all in on some new excitement that will be hitting the blog in the next month or so! well, to start us off, lets get back to a reminder of the current contest going on here at the blog.
Valentine's Engagement Session Contest
don't forget! if you've recently snatched up the soon to be mr. or mrs. right, have i got an exciting offer for you! Totally free, and all you have to do is answer some simple and fun questions. the pool of entries isn't large at all, so your chances of winning the big prize of a free engagement session are pretty good! head on over to the original post, shoot me an email ( with the answers filled out, and BAM! you're in!
March of Dimes 2011 Contest
Last year's March of Dimes Contest was, i think, a pretty good turn out for a first contest. I photographed 2 families as a result from the contest, and this year i'm in the works of making it bigger and more awesome! i've been talking with vendors, trying to get a rally of super prizes that everyone will love. as soon as i've got the details locked down, i'll annouce everything, and the games will begin! besides, who doesn't love trying to save the world one baby donation at a time?
WPPI 2011
WOO HOO! next month i will be headed out to WPPI 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. My dad and i will be driving out friday and heading back home after 5 days of photo goodness on tuesday. There are SO many things i wish i could do while i was there -neon museum- but i think i have overpacked myself with all the excitement of WPPI-U, master classes, and platform classes. Rumor has it, noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker (did i sound tyra banks enough for you there?) will be there as well. Is this not like disneyland where you get pictures and autographs from the famous people? ok... apparently not, but a girl can dream! i can't wait to get the ball rolling after this amazing experience, and hopefully throw some new ideas out there!
New Look

Really, i'm trying... one day. hopefully this year, i will have a new website. my current one is so sad... it sometimes makes me sad. but it still works! Hopefully, during the trade show at WPPI, some amazing vendors (which i know they do!) will wow me over, and save my website soul. so hang tight, try and ignore the dust, and i'll let you know when something is closer to being in the works!
PLUS! i've got a few shoots coming up for sure. you'll see lorelai & kent again very soon, as well as a wedding reception the saturday before i leave for Vegas. so don't worry. some brand new images will be on their way :)

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  1. Wow, it sounds like 2011 is having a great (and very busy) start! I hope you enjoy WPPI -I'm definitely jealous!