Sunday, January 9, 2011

Julia & Matt - Married 01.09.2011

it started in the fall of 2002. i was a freshman in high school, starting out at a new school with new people to meet. megan, julia (who tell the story that they met when they were born in the same hospital, on the same day. megan rolled over and said "hi, i'm megan" and of course julia said back, "hi, i'm julia") & i formed our little "mickey mouse club" trio because of band. yep. we were band kids. somewhere along the high school years, megan and i placed a bet, as to who would get married first. well, megan lost that bet summer of 2009 and now owes me dinner. julia and i had joked about placing a bigger bet between the two of us as to the next to get married... something like a trip to disneyland or something. well. i'm kicking myself now because i totally could have gotten dinner AND a complimentary disneyland trip. haha. who would have thought. anyways, tonight was julia's reception for her and her new hubby matt, and she looked stunning. her dress was exactly what i imagined she would have worn. simple & lacy with a vintage flair.
cute little cake with personalize little topper peoples. the poor little "matt" cake topper kept taking a nose dive in to the cake.
and how can you not love the adorable bird cage card holders at weddings? especially when they're so well meshed with the whole look of the wedding. julia & matt gave out bird seed in the shape of hearts as their favors. too stinkin cute.
for matt & julia's first dance, everyone was given a lighter to click on and hold above their heads. i learned that it is a difficult task to do with your left hand while holding a camera in the right. enough of that, do you see the gorgeous that is julia's dress?
and for everyone that knows julia personally... well... does this really need anymore words?
julia & matt - thank you so much for inviting me to your reception. i had a great time, and wish you both the best for the years to come. like you told megan on her wedding, and she reminded you today, it's not about your wedding being the perfect day, its about every day for the next 50 year being filled with perfect days. :)

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