Friday, July 30, 2010

sneak peek selection - july

just a few sneak peeks from the past few weeks.
now its just to get my dvd burning program back on the computer so i can start working on recital disks for joanna's kids r it recital photos :)
happy friday everyone!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Stephanie & Jon - Lovebirds

I know Steph has been waiting patiently to see more of these photos, and well, here they are! FINALLY found my lightroom disk (hm. what a concept... it was actually in the box it came in...) got it loaded, and the editing began! It was so hard to pick a few favorites to feature here, but i feel these pretty much summed up the day! We pretty much walked around the whole site, with around every corner going "lets try over here" and "how about right there?" There was so much variety on location, it was pretty much a photographer's dream!
Thanks again to Stephanie and Jon of JSA Photography for being my models for the evening :)

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stephanie & Jon - Peek

Fun little "faux wedding" session held this past thursday at the Sacramento LDS temple. I've known Stephanie for quite some time now, possibly back to 7th grade when we were in advanced band together (hah wow. that long?) all the way through high school. She married her sweetheart jon after she graduated high school, and they'll be celebrating 5 years this november! These two were awesome enough to help me work on building my portfolio this summer, and i couldn't thank them enough! Here is a peek, and believe me, there are more to come!
p.s. needless to say, steph is the queen of uber cute shoes :)

Oreggo Family - Peek

One of my March of Dimes photo session families :) Little Alex is just a year and a half, and was so much fun to photograph. We had our session at the McHenry Mansion in Modesto, CA. Such a great little location, full of different settings within the one area!