Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Feet - Jan 21, 2011

amy - "I'm sitting in the Raggio building at UNR waiting for my Small Group Communications class to start. I'm sitting under some really pretty inside trees. Here are some leaves that have escaped. I am also feeling human once again. My throat cold of last week is gone, and my head cold of this week is on its way out. Finally! "
emily - "last saturday i went to the band crab feed before hand so my parents could finish setting up. in the meantime, i booked a wedding reception for next month! but of course, this brought the grand realization that i had NO worthy black pants to wear. so it was off to arden fair mall this past thursday to find some pants. and guess what? i totally did"
jenny - "showing off our cat and mouse slippers during a sleepover. you've never too old for a sleepover when you've known someone for 16 years"
kasey - "Weather is sunny. Went through my day lazing in the rare thing that is the sun. Hubby lay down with me and we watched movies. ♥ Great day."

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