Friday, January 28, 2011

Friday Feet - Jan 28, 2011

well, i've survived the first week back to school, and so have my comrades! we're back again with the feet of the week. wow, it's already our last january post!
amy - "Wearing the socks my mother got me because it's cold this morning! Just getting ready to clean the house some more in preparation of my family visiting! Can't wait!"
emily - "well, its back to school time. and the LAST back to school time for me! (that still sounds crazy to me) jenny and i were able to figure out some time that we could meet and hang out during our uncoordinated school week on our favorite carpet mountain spot for one last semester."
jenny - "Disney Scene It Show Down at Emily's followed by Valentine's Day and sparkly appley beverages. mmmm. my idea of a great night!"

kasey -


  1. Love this take on "Let's do 52"...great idea

  2. thanks! this is a slightly different project than my "let's do 52" project. but it does defn. help me keep track of the year!