Sunday, January 30, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk4

so kasey is in germany, right? (you readers might remember her as a set of feet with a silly dog named papa) and with kasey being in germany, we love sending each other fun gifts. for christmas, i sent her two sets of little miss matched socks and a pair of glasses that function as a straw. well, this past week i received some chocolate in the mail from her, as well as friends season 10. yippee! she's been raving about how great this chocolate is, and how her sister loves it, and everything. now, usually i'm not a chocolate lover, but i figured i'd give it a shot.
well, it came, and it was just as odd as it sounded. not only is it dark chocolate straight from germany, but inside each little bite size piece you'll find a collection of poprocks. yes, poprocks and chocolate! the brand is called "shokomonk," and it seems to be quite an interesting creation. i had my chocoholic sister try some (without telling her about the poprocks)... i didn't quite get the effect i was going for as far as facial expressions. but otherwise, i think it is chocolate that i may actually want more of! (well, besides the normal 3 musketeers bars, but who doesn't love those?!)
silly germans. whatever will they think of next?
next up on the blog, some sunday snackage! nutella cookies, courtesy of always with butter by julie craig :) if you want some delicious "from scratch" recipes, as well as awesome food photography, you should definetly check out and follow her blog.

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