Thursday, January 6, 2011

"let's do 52" - project 2011

its six days in to the new year. today last year, i would have picked up my camera a minimum of six times at this point. that was then. last year, i did the ever challenging 365project, and boy was it a rough 365 days! but to be honest, come january 1st, i felt confused. do i continue and do yet ANOTHER 365 days, or do i just drop off cold turkey and only shoot when needed? well, i didn't want to do either. and well, i think i have finally found a project to keep me going.
my problem with the 365 was i would get points where i just got SO burnt out, and took one picture. just one. no matter how good it looked, it counted as a photo. and that wasn't my goal with the project. my goal was to feel inspired about the project, but instead i felt like my camera was a ball and chain. today, in my usual late night robotic facebook mode, i came across annie manning's "lets do 52" post and was intrigued. of course, i was making dinner at the same time, so i couldn't fully appreciate the post. and then, this happened:when i turned back to go finish making my classy dinner of pasta roni, i found we had acquired some new kitchen decor. i ran to go grab my camera... but didn't grab the one i should have initially. sure, i'm VERY excited to use my instax, but i should have grabbed my dslr. i almost slapped myself on the wrist. really? its has sat on my desk for 6 days now... so i grabbed it, said my apologies by putting on the 50mm 1.4, and found the furry beast still in the kitchen. so its decided... lets do 52 needs to happen. just one "emily acceptable" photo a week. i feel i won't run out of steam that way. so to kick it off, here is 1.52 :)i really hope i'll have more than 52 pictures of cats... although, it wouldn't surprise me in the least. haha. hope to see you back here tomorrow for the other weekly project of friday feet! the first feet post of 2011. how crazy is that?

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