Sunday, January 23, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk3

let's start you off with a snapshot from the lovely fujifilm instax, shall we?to be honest, we had planned for this night to happen on new years eve when our original plans had fallen though, and it was going to be just us girls. well, jenny got sick, and thus began our postponing. the end of winter break snuck up on us, and after many facebook posts of "i haven't seen you ALL year"... we FINALLY pulled our game night together. we kicked it off with a rousing 3 rounds of disney scene it, some bubbly martinelli's sparking cider, and good ol' homestyle popcorn. after our games were ended, and our popcorn was gone, we move on to watching valentine's day. sure, its january... but still! all in all, we had an excellent last saturday night... and will begrudgingly be heading off to our spring semester of college tomorrow. *sigh* at least it's my final semester!our lovely little game tokens. jenny chose goofy to be her mascot right off the bat, and i swiped the ever fashionable minnie mouse to mark my place.
mmm. the salty popcorn remainders at the bottom of the bowl. and whenever i think of popcorn, i always think of this video :) i totally forgot to get a shot of our martinelli's cider in the classy cups i chose. let's just say they were very fit to theme by being my toy story cups i bought last month in disneyland. and also some of our trivia cards that we either easy beyond all reason, or threw us for a loop. we apparently still have some disney studying to catch up on for next time!
overall, i would have to say it was an excellent saturday night, and a great fit for our lovely college student lifestyle. hopefully with the new semester, i'll have a lot more shooting to do, and therefore, lots more posts to come your way! stay tuned for tomorrow's "what's happening?" post with some exciting new offers and what not :)

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