Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Feet - Jan 7, 2011

we made it through the new year, and welcome you to our first 2011 feet posting! some of us were able to go on adventures again this week, but it seems the majority of us hid from the cold world with our houses and blankets. happy friday everyone :)
amy - "This may look like a pile of blankets, but really it's my feet, enjoying the warmness and the end of their second to last week of break. "
emily - "this is what happens when the blog leader forgets to take feet pictures. you get post-work dinner on the couch while watching 'icarly' feet"
jenny - "My feet went ice skating in tahoe this week with their very favorite feet."
kasey - "
Been working on some commissions and writing my stories. So i'm at the computer a lot. My friday feet are resting on the legs of my chair."

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