Thursday, September 30, 2010

Banana Cherié Skirts & Accessories

With a name like "brennan" you just have to think "she sounds like a cutie" right? well of COURSE she is! i met up with brennan and her mom sarah over at the king road park in loomis for a short pettiskirt shoot, and she knocked these shots out like they were nobody's business! and the pigtails? super cute! every girl has to rock pigtails in their life (seriously... i'm 20 something and i still attempt it every so often. its one of the rights of being a girl!) and brennan looks cute as ever! ok. enough of me. take a look at her :)candy corn. in the park. you cannot resist. is my hypnotism working for you? no? okay. more brennan for you. ok. now with the next ones... i could NOT just pick one or two. so lucky you gets to see four super cute pictures of super cute brennan in some super cute pink zebra print. did i say super cute enough times for you? didn't think so :)i love a good on the tummy shot. my portrait studio days have trained me well :)thanks so much brennan and sarah for coming out and playing dress up in the park. you looked adorable as ever! and there you have it! the finale of my monday banana cherié pettiskirt shoots! now, i know what you're thinking... you're thinking "but emily, when will i see more pettiskirt posts from you?!" and to that i say, soon my dears. i have one shoot tomorrow morning with an adorable one year old (yes! one year olds can be pettiskirt-ified too!) and possibly one more shoot before saturday's craft fair. and remember, if you're looking for a skirt and bow set of your very own, email lisa at, and tell her emily sent you! p.s. pettiskirt offer coming soon. very very soon :)

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