Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Feet - Sept 10, 2010

so here we are, with out first "friday feet" post :)
all of our feet are present and accounted for, with a slight snippet by the feet belongers.
the images are set up in alphabetical order. top left will always be amy, top right will be emily (me), bottom left belongs to jenny, and the bottom right belongs to the feet that are over seas, kasey. and without further aideu, here are the feet!
amy - "My feet at home in Sun Valley. They are resting while I eat a hamburger and do math homework."
emily - "driving, driving, driving. tends to be the #1 use of my feet between going to school, going to work, or just plain going somewhere..."
jenny - "I was trying to capture my quilt collection in this one. My mom made me the Wizard of Oz quilt and pillow sham, while Emily herself made my dolphin quilt."
kasey - "Donnie and I had gone to this fantastic Chiniese restaurant. It was delicious, and when we walked a few blocks back to our car, I leaned out of the car to take the shot, and Don gave me a look like "what the hell?"and I told him to blame you... oh, and it was sprinkling, and you can kinda see it in the picture."
happy friday, everyone :)

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