Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pet Photography

When it comes to family portraits, why leave that furry four legged family member behind? Your friends know you have them, your kids love them, and admit it... you post photos of the silly things you find them doing ALL over your facebook profile. alright, i admit it... if you saw my personal facebook page, there is a good dozen or so cell phone quality photos of our cats (usually mushu) doing something strange...So whether it be cat or dog, rabbit or even a pet goldfish, that pet is family, and should feel included to show your family in that stage of their life. shoot! bring the whole pack of puppies, or the caboodle of kittens, i'm up for anything. As long as it helps YOUR family capture who they really are. If your pets are anything like ours, they'll LOVE to have their spot in the limelight... well... unless we're talking about MY cat. sheesh. I'm sure both you and your children will love to have your pets photographed outdoors today, and for years to come.
so take the time to rub your puppy's belly, scratch behind your kitty's ears, and give them some extra love :) Email me today at photogbyem@gmail.com to start booking your family/pet photography session!

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