Saturday, September 11, 2010

boy oh boy!

today was the awaited baby shower day for lisa, and of course i had to bring my camera along and help document some of the things for her. i didn't get a whole lot of people shots, so i tried to get as much "detail" shots as i could :) now, lisa is a cupcake-aholic, if there is such a thing. so of course, the baby shower HAD to have cupcakes. there was no doubt about that. i got the idea for the individual cupcake boxes from something i saw in stores at joann's, and then dino-ed them out with stickers that matched to those on the envelopes and baby shower invitations. toy story party bag? of COURSE that came from me!
apparently these little shoes were a hit with the dad-to-be-again. (this is baby #2). my mom & i put together this clothesline game where the unsuspecting guests assumed this to be a decoration outside. the trick was, once the shower got going, they had to name as many of the items they could remember (or thought they remembered) seeing on the clothesline. items ranged from clothing items, to shoes, to baby necessities.and of course, we can't go without showing the mommy to be. she's such a good model, where would this post be without her? this is me (almost) shamelessly having her show off the quilt i made for baby boy no name. so at the end of the shower, the games were played, the snacks were devoured, but this baby still remains nameless... well, at least he will be a VERY well dressed nameless baby boy.

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