Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Banana Cherié Skirts & Accessories

how could i let the week go by without more pettiskirts? well, i guess the fact that i have two more little lovelies already photographed, and up to three more to happen soon would keep me from that! and today we've got my seasoned model, kaylyn! and by seasoned, i mean she frequents the photography of her sister, and one of my middle/high school friends, suzanne :) you can see suzanne's work over at blank canvas photography. if you're in idaho and need a photographer, she's your gal! although, she's currently awaiting her very first brand new baby girl ANY time now (making kaylyn an auntie for the THIRD time!)
not going to lie. i love the fall. sure its not full of flowers, but i love the sort of rustic feel everything gets with the dried leaves and the lack of grass. kaylyn was such a trooper for sitting in all these stickery leaves and things!see what i mean about the rusticity... rusticness... rusticism... you get my point, right? sure makes the colors that are there pop that much more! and on that note, here comes the candy cane skirt :) i just love these next three of kaylyn. something about them has a sort of alice in wonderland feel to them with her soft expression and those eyes she's got!hello gorgeous! i'm sure she'll be quite the looker when she's older. just like her 4 older sisters :)saved my fave for last. love love love. thanks kaylyn and momma laura for letting me tromp around your back yard and play dress up with you. you look did a great job my dear!

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