Tuesday, September 7, 2010

coming soon :)

so i decided to spice things up a little bit on here.
i'm a rather active blog follower, right?
i mean, you should look at my list, its HUGE.one photographer in particular (sheena jibson) has sparked my interest
and on her more personal blog does a little feature called friday feet.
take a peek at her feet posts here
so, with being the slacker i am at updating over here, i felt i needed a little push.
and so i thought to myself "i have feet... i have friends... and i have fridays, why don't i put all three to good use?"
and so, starting this friday (september 10th) you will see not one, not two, but FOUR pairs of feet.
even international feet. the four of us have been friends since high school, and have spanned out and about in our newly starting adult lives. so here is your preview about who's feet you'll be seeing
jenny: auburn, ca. child development major & aspiring teacher.
emily: loomis, ca. photography major & dance instructor
kasey: wiesbaden, germany. airforce wife & artist
amy: sun valley, nevada. nursing major & dog finder (no really... i swear they flock to her)
so there you have it! all four of us, hopefully gearing up for this. we'll see how long until we get tired of our own feet
p.s. i mentioned sheena earlier... but also check out her portrait/wedding photography.
its pretty much amazing.
click right here -> sheena jibson photography


  1. Is Amy going to UNR? So am I! Weird.

  2. she is going to the junior college right now, but her goal is to go to UNR i believe :)