Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Feet - Oct 1, 2010

here we are, and its even the first day of a brand new month! its been quite a week since the last one, and honestly, i'm amazed i even pulled it together to get this post (and my feet) on here today. the joys of being a full time student, 4 of 5 classes being upper division units. anyways... enough of my attempted sob story... here are the feet! (today everyone gets their own image. no collages... blame kasey. i just loved her whole picture far too much. when you see it. you'll understand.)
amy - "Driving home from dropping off my time sheets at work. Have to meet the cable guy so that we can have internet again! Driving barefooted is the only way to go. ^^"
emily - "the end of a terrible, horrible, no good, rotten, very bad day. okay, it was stressful to say the least... and i guess the floor of my room is a way to visualize my stress"
jenny - "waiting for the bus feet not looking forward to an exam."
kasey - "Took my puppy for a walk in the fields around our neighborhood. Sat down on a bench to watch him run around sniffin everything, while i took in the beauty of Europe."
emily is in love with this picture. nuff said.

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