Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sneak peek selection - august

believe me. i know i'm really lame as a blogger right now.
someday this will all become a better habit
(a dear friend of mine and i are determined to start blogging about more important, sensible things) and along with that i hope that THIS blog becomes of better use to me... well, i guess it should be ME that becomes a better use to this blog
well, anyways. want some photos to look at? of course you do :)first, jake & travis scheduled a couples session after jake's previous "senior portrait-esque" session you saw in the last preview. we decided for a different location, we would go to beal's pointe in granite bay, and use the area surrounding the lake as our scenery. I photographed a family session here a few months ago, and for being the same location, i feel like we were able to capture a totally different feel that was more personal to those two, and not so "cookie cutter."next, which fell much later on in the month, and after a lovely bout of me being sick for a few weeks (not exactly sure with what... but it seems to be over and done with now) i headed on down to modesto for some family portraits of someone i'm sure you're familiar with if you've been a regular follower. My cousin is due with baby number two in october (its a boy!) and wanted to get some family shots done before bb makes his debut. first day was more of a casual session over at the mchenry mansion, which i shot at once before with the orrego family. this shoot was later on in the evening (oh, and in the 100º temperature zone, btw) so we had more open shade in the grassy area of the yard, and had quite a few options to choose from in the yard of the mansion.and then lastly, day two of the modesto sessions was a more formal look over at their LDS church yard. it had a small little "garden" area i suppose you could call it, with a few little trees, a picnic table, and some little rocky areas. this gave lorelai some fun areas to run around and twirl in while getting some of the individual shots. she is quite a character, and i'm sure she'll be a great big sister starting next month! and i've been busting my internet looking skills to find some super adorable baby props to use, and so far, i've got a minimum of 3. and they'll be coming soon to a blog near you next month :)
fact: lisa made lorelai's entire outfit. well, minus the shoes. those came from me ;) but the dress and the bows? all her.
want something like it for your kiddos? check her out over at banana chérie. her blog is about the same shape as mine, but she has a better reason :P she lacks the internet on a daily basis

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