Monday, September 27, 2010


another dose of flash fill portraiture. this time, my sister got to be the victim... ahem, model. unfortunately, the flash was doing a bit TOO much filling, thanks to the dark coming quickly, so we were only able to get a few good shots before the night took over. even more so since i'm not terribly fond of 1600ISO for portraiture... my documentary project under the stadium lights on the other hand... yes, i'll crank that sucker up and shoot away! anyways, here is a shot or two from this evening :)would you believe this is part of a random housing development?seriously! this place has a big pond, and a waterfall... amazing. pretty sure when we reshoot, i'm taking her right back to the same place. now if only we can get rid of this 90-100º weather for good. ick. fun fact: in aileen's 14 1/2 years of existence, she's played at least 5 instruments. she started out on piano, played the mandatory recorder in elementary school, picked up flute, then moved to oboe. The marching band program really doesn't cater to the needs of an oboe player, so this fall she's also learned the mellophone for the fall season. now i know you're thinking "what DOESN'T she play? and the answer is, the vuvuzula... but that is not allowed. at least if i have a say in anything.

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