Monday, September 27, 2010

Banana Cherié Skirts & Accessories

you loyal readers of mine have all met my cousin lisa. well, maybe not met her, but you've seen her, the husband man, the two year old cuteness, and in more recent shoots, the baby boy to be. and if you're an uber loyal reader, you've been to my other blog, and seen that i'm crafty. and well, as genetics have it, so is lisa! well, here we are, at the end of september gearing up once again for this year's craft fair at bella vista high school. with this being our second year there, we are taking in our experience, and trying to amp it up for this year. This is where me and my lovely camera come in. we're working to bring in more of an online/visual marketing of some of our products, and we're first starting with lisa's pettiskirts. she has spend the last weeks/months/i-can't-remember-because-its-craft-fair-time-and-it-all-starts-blending-together working on these pettiskirts in various colors, prints, and holiday themes. our first "shoot" happened in our grandma's back yard on saturday, and bekah (lisa's little sister) was a trooper-even when i made her sit on the random wood pile. who knew an 8 year old could work it like tyra banks (guilty pleasure of mine = america's next top model. i admit it) so with all that said, here are a few of the different skirts from saturday.don't you just love the zebra print with the pink? i'm not one of those die hard animal print lovers, but this combo on this skirt style... LOOOOOOVE. and the bows. super fab with those skirts.
here is your best bet for no calorie candy corn. seriously, can you get any cuter without everything blaring out ghosts and goblins for halloween? yeah, i didn't think so either.and yes, believe it or not, christmas is right around the corner. and i KNOW you families are thinking "hm. how can we get festive without going the ugly sweater route?" ding ding ding! we have a winner! seriously. can you NOT imagine your little girls in these skirts, spinning and twirling for your holiday card photos? yeah. i totally put the image in your mind. no need to thank me :)
i will be photographing more skirts coming this week, so stay tuned! plus, there might just be a special offer coming soon after i'm off this craft fair prep week. those of you with an adorable girl in your life will want to stay tuned! to commune with lisa about pettiskirt potentials, you can email her at (if she doesn't reply... you might get me. i love to answer emails. and i am one half the carroll cousins that do the creating. heehee)


  1. CUTE! I seriously want one of those skirts for me!
    *so jealous I'm not a kid right now*

  2. i'm sure i could put in a good word for you to get her to make you a skirt to go with those bows you wanted :P