Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Feet - Sept 24, 2010

the week has already come and gone, and here we are at friday again! our feet went on some different adventures this week. some went bowling, while others went to bars. some hung out in socks with kitty cats, while others walked and walked and walked some more.amy - "I volunteered in Pediatrics at Renown (the hospital) today. Super fun! I walked and walked so this is a picture of my feet walking. ^^"
emily - "we finally pulled together and got our second themed bowling night this past weekend. got this shot luckily before my camera took its great plunge to the floor. (point & shoot. not dSLR. don't worry) another small group by the end of the night, but it was a great night as always."jenny - "just kyo doing her usual insane cuddling when i'm not in the mood. I was doing my homework, or trying to, and she was in the mood for some nuzzling. Even though she looks appalled by my feet, she was actually being lovely dovey. I also love these socks. haha."
kasey - "Just got home from an Irish pub in downtown Wiesbaden, after I sung karaoke for the first time! Even my little 'Shoe Fly' was proud of me!"

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