Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 Photographer Favorites - Weddings

2011 was a very lucky year for me. Not only did I book 2 weddings as the lead photographer, doubling the number of weddings I photographed in 2010, but I was lucky enough to not just have one photographer take me along as an assistant for a few weddings of THEIR season, but TWO photographers. I had a great time working with Georgette & Doug this year, and feel that I learned a LOT about the ins and outs of weddings. With each wedding that I worked at, I was able to learn more about what to capture, paying attention to not just the actions of people, but other's reactions. I cannot WAIT to see what the 2012 year has in store for me. I feel as if these two seasoned photographers helped open the doors and help me get ready for the things that are in store for me and wedding photography under my own name. For that, I cannot give them enough thank yous!
Jamaica & Michael
Stephanie & Dan
Jenni & Jim
Hailee & John
Valerie & Blake
Emma & Adam
Michela & Tommaso


  1. Love these! I love watching how far you have come.

  2. Beautiful favorites Emily! Keep working hard girl, and get those shooting spots!