Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blake & Valerie Edgewood Golf Course Wedding - South Lake Tahoe

Can you guess the date of this wedding? That's right! Doug had me along for his 9-10-11 wedding, and I had a great time! We started off at an amazing house where the guys had their getting ready photos, as well as played some pool. Then we headed across town to where the girls were getting ready. The rain was coming down, but Valerie's spirits were high. Not a single thing could get her down on her big day. To their luck, the clouds parted and they were able to have their outdoor ceremony just as planned. Not to mention there was a fabulous watercolor sunset that created some amazing photos across the lake! The bridal party was ready to get down, and the night was fabulous for such a sweet and awesome couple as Valerie & Blake.

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