Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Michela & Tommaso Tower Cafe Wedding - Sacramento, CA

Michela contacted me two weeks before her wedding day. Yes, you read that right. TWO weeks! Even though it was so close to her wedding day, I agreed to meet up with her that week, just to see if there was even a smidgen of a possibility of making things happen for her, and boy am I glad I did. Hearing her story of how they met seriously sounded like something you hear in the movies. Girl travels abroad to study and meets a local Italian boy and becomes friends, but nothing serious. Girl comes home to California for a short while, boy follows shortly, and it wasn't until Girl goes BACK to Italy without him that they realize they are meant to be. Tommaso is her Italian boy who was willing to wait it out for her, and they have been together ever since! Both the bride and groom come from cultures with very large extended families - Tommaso from Italy, and Michela from China, so they decided to have a very small and intimate "first wedding" with close friends before having their next large weddings each for Tommaso's family in Italy, as well as Michaela's family in the future.
Their wedding day began in Old Sacramento, where we did their formal photos as well as a few groupings of their friends before heading to the venue for the ceremony. Train tracks were a special request from the bride, and Old Sacramento is the perfect place for those!This stop along the river was another request, since "they don't make buildings like that in Italy!"Love Love LOVE. When I make my gallery wrap samples, I have a strong feeling that this shot is going to be on one of them! I mean seriously, are they super cute or what?Tommaso's best man flew in from Italy to be here for the wedding, and as you can see, the boys were WELL out numbered! They didn't seem to mind one bit though :)The ceremony itself was held right outside Tower Cafe in Sacramento, and they went through and put up the archway themselves without Michela or Tommaso knowing! Before they knew it, it was time for their short and sweet ceremony to finally become husband and wife.The party then moved over to Tower Cafe, where there was toasting, dinner, and a gorgeous cake that yet again, Tower Cafe staff went above and beyond with being so gracious to this couple on their wedding day. I had never been there before but after seeing how amazing the staff and management were, as well as the delicious food, I would definetly go there again and again! Their wedding bands originally belonged to Tommasso's parents. Such a sweet gesture that they became their wedding bands for the lives they are just beginning to share together.

Michela & Tommaso - Thank you SO much for not hesitating to contact me on such short notice before your wedding day! I had a fabulous time with you two, capturing your "first wedding day" memories to last the rest of your lives! We battled the heat together, and you both looked fabulous doing so. Again, thank you, and I hope your next two weddings to each other are as special as your first :)


  1. Love these and what great locations for photos.

  2. awwww, what a sweet romantic story! i'm a sucker for romance. looks like they had a wonderful "first" ceremony, and you captured all the special moments just perfectly.

  3. Very nice work! The couple is so adorable!!