Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 Photographer Favorites - Engagement Sessions

This year was a great starting year for getting my business off the ground and a step down the right path of where I would like to see it going. Last year, I only photographed two engagement sessions throughout the entire year, and I can officially say I doubled that this year! Working with couples one on one during their engagement session is SO much fun for me. I love the ideas we come up with, and different ways to make their engagement sessions personal to them. Two of these couples came to me, having known them for years, while the other two were brand new faces I had never met before, but had a fantastic time working with them! Two shout outs for these couples. The first being to Laurel & Mike, who are getting married this Saturday in Oregon! Plus, another to the last couple featured here, Britt & Nathan, who became my first official booked wedding for 2012! Cannot wait for next year!
Laurel & Mike
Monica & James
Amy & Luke
Britt & Nathan

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