Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Michael & Jamaica

this time two years ago, i wasn't even blogging my photography. this time last year, i was a terrible blogger. i was shooting images, but never posting them. now, i'm kicking myself for it. i read blogs like nobody's business, and always jealous of when photographers such as jasmine star and katelyn james have their wedding wednesday posts. i wanted SO BADLY to have posts like this of my own. it was always that i either had the images, but wasn't blogging. or i was blogging, and didn't have the images. but now, that can all be pushed aside. because not only am i regularly blogging every week, but i have images!
michael & jamaica we married late last year, and had a reception held in their honor at the sonoma valley woman's club. a small little two story "house" i suppose you'd call it down the road from sonoma city hall was a fabulous place to hold their intimate reception for just their immediate family. my dad, who photographed weddings through his college years, came along with me as a second shooter (and driver) and helped capture images throughout all of the reception. jamaica was a gorgeous bride, her dress was a light lavender color, and when she found this dress, she changed the entire color scheme of the wedding just to coordinate with it. this next one is probably my FAVORITE image from the entire day. gorgeous couple + gorgeous stonework building = well... gorgeous!
i found this cute little room while exploring the upstairs of the woman's club house, and thought it would be an excellent place to photograph jamaica and her gorgeous daughter savannah.
because of the size of the families, and the small limits of the club house itself, we tromped over to the next door driveway and used it for their family formals. michael & jamaica has their own little moment as we were gathering everyone together. love it!
before today, i had never shot with a second shooter. all the wedding images were my own, and shot from whatever angle i thought to be best suited to my style. so with the following images, i found it interesting to see how my dad and i shared similar subject matter, but how different our takes on them were. these next two images were shot at the exact same time, but different angles. the first is mine, and the second is dad's.
thank you so much michael & jamaica for having us there to share your special day with you! i hope you had an amazing time, and many more years to come :)


  1. Wow his ring is really unique! I love lavendar :) nice job!

  2. Michael & Jamaica...Congratulations!!!
    Now that you are no longer two, but one flesh.
    Therefore, what God has yoked together let no
    man put apart. -Mt 19:5,6
    May you have many blessings in your marriage.
    Your photographer(s) captured many special moments!