Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amy & Luke Engagement Session - Reno, NV

This past December I headed out one night to meet up with a friend locally just to hang out for a little bit. Next thing I knew, I got a picture message on my phone from Amy. No words, just her left hand with some bling on it! Luke had gone and popped the question, and she was beyond thrilled. Half a year has gone by, as well as about half a dozen skype conversations full of wedding talk, and here we are! At the end of last month I took a little weekend trip to visit Amy & her crew at her house in the Reno area. Saturday afternoon, after a lovely home made breakfast, we headed out to do their engagement photos at Marilyn's Pond. The night before was full of rain, thunder & lightening, but we survived! The weather was great, and the location was amazing!
An engagement session with these two would NOT have been complete without their two dogs, Rue & Ellie. If we had included ALL animals in their house, we would of had dogs, frogs, a cat, a rat... and i'm SURE something else that I'm forgetting. I love bridges about as much as I love using stairs in photos. Rue was a little weary of it though with his skinny little legs! I told you I was saving my ampersand for something special to kick it off!
I had to save my ABSOLUTE favorite for last. I made them walk up and down that spot so many times, but we got the shot!I'm super excited for these two to tie the knot in a few years once Amy is done with nursing school! We've been through a LOT since meeting each other in 6th grade when I moved to Loomis, I can't wait to see the journey they're going to take from here! Thank you two SO much to letting me do your photos for you. I had a BLAST! p.s. big thanks to our dog wrangler/noise maker Jenny!


  1. Yeah. I'm glad you made them walk so much for that. It really turned out great.

  2. I LOVE the one of them sitting on the bridge! I might need a nice print of that one to hang somewhere! -Kasey