Wednesday, October 6, 2010

whoa baby!

this post may end up all words, so please forgive me. :)
my newest photo model came in to the world today at 4:24pm PST. yep, baby kent is here to stay! happy and healthy, both baby boy and momma lisa are doing well.
photo session of the new family of four is scheduled for 10/16 (happy birthday to you, momma lisa) so by then you'll have some baby oogling to wait for!
but in the mean time, i've got to get my hands a crochet hookin' in order to make some hand crafted baby props for this kiddo to be the first trial run for. (patterns purchased from polkadot posh. check them out. super cute)
anyways, i cannot wait to start the regular photographing of this little guy, just like i did his now big sister! okay. i can't leave you totally hanging. i'll clue you in as much as i can of the cuteness of this little fellow. meet baby kent via cell phone picture :)and speaking of babies, suzanne over at blank canvas photography FINALLY had her little girl on monday. this must be a baby having sort of week! congrats again to both you mommas!

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