Thursday, October 7, 2010

Banana Cherié Skirts & Accessories

i had SO many pictures from this shoot, i have to split it in to two posts. so here you have the first post of the zebra skirts... seriously, if my cousin had two girls now, i can totally see her coordinating her whole family in a zebra sort of theme for their next family photos. ESPECIALLY when these skirts are combined in to one super adorable sisterly love photo session :) aimee & jewlie's biggest sister and i met in kindergarten, and remained best friends forever! their big sister becca is the same age as MY little sister, and they are still in dance class together through our studio. AND aimee is one of my little dancers in one of the classes i teach. jewlie is the littlest, but definitely has a BIG personality. can you tell i've got the connections with these girls? without further aideu, here is the pink & purple zebra madness!these skirts are PERFECT for dance classes too... i have loads of girls who show up to class in them. looking for a dance class in the north highlands/sacramento area? check out joanna's kids r it. i've been with the studio since i was 3, and love it :)
again... i love this image. favorite favorite favorite.and of course, the girls each needed their individual time to shine... and spin. seriously. if spinning was a profession, these girls would be right up there!check out that spin factor! and here come cutie jewlie and her smile. aimee was standing earlier with her legs crossed quite similar, and jewlie had to give it a post you'll see of these girls will be in the candy corn skirts. and they're just as cute!

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