Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 DOHS Marching Band Offer

hey band! (yeah?)
want to know how much i like you? (yeah!)
how does 50% off any photo session sound? (oh YEAH!)
in celebration of your oakmont competition, i'm doing this for you!
seriously. for a group that placed first in their division, second place not just in percussion and colorguard, but also overall. AND a point away from drum major kaitlyn placing... i think they deserve something for all their hard work!
i'm talking anything. senior portraits, family photos, you name it!
if you're a member of the 2010 del oro marching band, you can take advantage of this offer! session fees run $60 on average, but they can be yours starting at $30oh, and don't forget the homecoming dance is coming up november 6th.
why spend all your time waiting in line at the dance for just one photo, when you can get a full session before you go eat dinner, and see your proofs within the next week? your session fee can be split between the entire group, saving you even more individually! more portraits, on location, and proofs before anyone else! i will be booking sessions all day saturday, so email me now at to claim your space! keep up the great work, DOHS Golden Eagle Band, and i look forward to hearing from you! (50% offer valid until december 31, 2010)

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