Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Kent (and new props!)

so on saturday i gave you a sneak peek at baby kent.
and now i'm finally able to give you a few more!
these are also the props either i made myself, or my mom made them for me.
plus i've been crocheting up a storm this past week to try and make some more too!
i've got a few holiday themed beanies made, and more yarn purchased to make more cocoons!
polka dot posh. your patterns ROCK
anyways. here is kent!
we tried so hard to get him to stay asleep. but he just wasn't feeling it. i suppose being stripped of your warm clothes and plopped in to a bean bag would do that to a tiny person. but still... he's just so super cute!love this. he just looks so cute and snuggly. and teenie tiny! i could just stare at these cocoon pictures forever. but doesn't that cocoon just look so comfy?little hands. so tiny. its been far too long since i photographed a little one. and i loved it! now if only i could bottle this tiny and use it whenever i wanted to try something new. and look at those little lips! oh. so precious.
haha. so i posted this one on my facebook page ( and its been quite a riot for my extended family. back awake after being taken out of the blue cocoon, we decided to give the hanging cocoon a shot. (don't worry. he's not in mid air like he looks. his bum is barely above the beanbag, and momma is to my left right out of frame) i love his little smirk, and that itty bitty hand on the edge. gah. love it.
if you're interested in a newborn session (which i would LOVE to photograph more babies!) or would like one of these props of your own, contact me for pricing at

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