Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Newest Cocoons

so you saw this little cutie, right?well of course you did!
i loved how well it photographed, so i made three more this weekend :)
nevermind it meant that i was at joann's friday, saturday AND monday.
super easy to make and use, and i can't wait to get more babies to try them out. three new colors yearning for some sweet sleeping babies.you can tell the blue one has been baby tested (and approved!) by its stretched out-ness. but here are the four i've got done right now!i love how the edges make them look almost hooded sweatshirt like when baby is in them. and the yarn is SUPER soft. probably better than a snuggie, if you ask meso the four colors i have, left to right, are baby blue, zebra, posy pink, and a gray/white/pink combo. i'm thinking of maybe throwing together a red/white one for a christmas newborn theme. :) if you know ANYONE who is due soon, i'm looking for some newborn babies to test these out. send me an email at photogbyem@gmail.com
fellow photographers, if you're interested in a cocoon of your own, send me an email and we'll chat!

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