Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Feet - Oct 15th, 2010

wow! can you believe this is our 6th week of feet? we've done some exciting things, and some no so exciting things... but we're still going at it! heres a look at what our feet did since you last saw us on the 8th!
amy - "We were out hunting birds and we kept finding these giant praying mantises all over! this one crawled on my boot and the opportunity was too much to miss! This was also the 3 one out of 5 we saw that day. This was also about 5 min before a bleeping wasp stung me. It has been terminated for its evil ways. Bwaha! We were so high we were looking down at the hawks flying the mountains. It was so pretty!"emily - "as you can see, i have gotten back to the point of having to share my bed with not one fat cat, but two VERY fat cats... one of which that is a grump when the other one enters his zone."
jenny - "this is me with my angel who is totally zonked out. so cute!"
kasey - "Took the puppy for a lone walk around Naurod, and stopped to take some pictures and play in the apple orchards. After the Papa found an nice apple to chew on, I played with the tiniest apple I've ever seen and took this shot :3 Happy Friday!‌"

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