Saturday, August 13, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk32

This past week feels like a whirlwind of events starting from last Saturday onward.  Day by day, it went from recital portraits, to second shooting in South Lake Tahoe, to smug mug meet ups, to hanging out at the post office to mail prints to clients.  Wednesday, dad and I took the day and headed out to the WPPI Road Trip in San Jose.  A mini version of the trip we took to Vegas last February, I was hoping to bring something home (in my brain) that I could bring to my business.  I'm pretty excited to say that I brought MORE than one thing home in my brain, as well as physically.  At one of the booths, I signed up for a mailing list and was able to bring this friend home with me.  A fun stuffed animal version of the "what the duck?" comic strip now resides next to my computer to keep me company while I take my new knowledge of how to speed up my editing workflow in lightroom (that means a potentially faster processing time for you clients!)

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