Thursday, August 4, 2011

Family Portraits - Rancho Cordova, CA

A little over a week ago I met up with Vera, her husband Adam, and their five little kiddos to do a family portrait session. Back in October, with their youngest child at just 7 months old, their family recieved a call while on vacation about the possibility of an adoption for them. Fast forward to now, their family has officially become a family of seven! After completing the legal adoption documents, the family took the final step in completing their family by planning a family sealing session at the LDS Sacramento Temple. Vera contacted me about doing this extra special family session for them, and there was no way that I could say no! Dressed in white, we battled the heat and created some portraits to document this special day that would last for years to come.
We started everything off with some individual portraits of the older 3 girls while the little ones were getting dressed. We did our best to find some shady spots to make these girls look fabulous in!

Each of the kids were photographed outside in front of the Temple as well, and boy do these next little two look excited as ever!
Being a Tuesday, I was very excited we didn't have to battle any wedding parties for the coveted pedestal spot to show the entire temple in the background. The only think working against us was the sun!
These next two are probably so closely tied for my favorite, I just had to share them both!
I'm so glad I got to work with this crew, and I hope the rest of their day was even more amazing than our portrait session. I'm so glad they chose Sacramento Temple over Oakland so that I could photograph them! Although, I would of taken the drive to Oakland for them if they asked! I can't wait to see these little ones grow through out the years to come!


  1. That is so cute! Very awesome for them :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Darla and Catcher smiles in the individuals are sooo cute! I seriously cannot get over how much hair Katie has. I also like the hand holding in front of the temple doors. Very good job.