Thursday, August 18, 2011

Desmond is Seven - Modesto, CA

A few weeks back I headed out to Modesto for some cousinly hang out time as well as 3 important photo sets.  One of those three just happened to be for Desmond's 7th birthday photos.  After a fashion show of wardrobe choices, we headed across the street to the park to do some photos oh him, as well as next week's blog post of Kent.  We picked a few of the best shady spots to work in and let Des do his thing.  Although blinded by the light at some points, he did a pretty dang good job!
We decided to try a new spot, just to add some background variety.  The sun was rather bright off the concrete, so here's Des doing his best model look.  Or just trying to express to us the playground with Lorelai sounded SO much more exciting :)
a quick lie down in the grass, and then he was set free to run about the playground, like 7 year olds are SUPPOSED to do... not take anymore silly picture.  That's okay, it became Kent's turn soon after.  You'll see him next week though, so see you soon!

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