Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Feet - August 19, 2011

amy - "This is diesel, our new kitten! Luke got him for me  for my birthday. He loves me! This week has been very busy with work and chores and such. Diesel will keep us on our toes I'm sure!"
emily - "i've finally gotten to let loose and get my crafty side going.  and once i determined ONE project, a snowball effect happened, and i've ended up with nearly a dozen!  a reason to keep me busy and away from the computer sounds excellent to me!"
jenny - "First of all I love these shoes. They were a steal! Even though I never wear purple. I'm currently waiting for friends in oldtown r ville with emi."
kasey - "Dog sitting for my girlfriend Laura! Brought Papa over to entertain Bailey, the huge lab/husky mix. They play together really well, and have the tendency to make more noise then rocks in a blender. But they're adorable and I love them. :)

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