Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Feet - August 12, 2011

amy - "Driving to work feet! I haven't been working a whole lot between vacation and cancelations. Oh well! More time to spend with my honey! This weekend is my birthday! Woot woot! "

emily - "these would be my 'i did a lot but never took a picture of it' feet. i did our dance studio's recital portraits on saturday, second shot on sunday, visited with an out of town cousin on tuesday, went to san jose on wednesday for the WPPI Road Trip and worked/went to a SmugMug Meeting on Thursday. All that excitement time this week will be spent editing the days away next week."

jenny - "i started student teaching this week through the csus teaching credential program!! this is me standing in my new classroom!!!"

kasey - "Barcelona Spain! Sitting on the beach next to the port where the Olymic Sailing Competitions were held. Such a pretty view. Loved Spain, but it looked too much like Southern California, but with nicer people. Good to be home in Beautiful Germany!"

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