Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Feet - August 26, 2011

amy - "My parents came up over the weekend for a dog show. I showed Axel both days and he earned 4 points for the weekend! YAY!! I also got my birthday present from them, and water/shock/dust/freeze proof camera! I thought I'd test it in the pool, and look! It works! ^^ So I can drop it, freeze it, drown it and cover it with dirt and it'll be fine! It's perfect for me! Haha! "

emily - "mushu decided to get in the middle of this week's crafting ventures. Between couple sessions, working, and crafting, there has been little to no idle time. it's amazing!"jenny - "My feet are so tired this is all they want to do when they come home at night. Most days I'm working 13 plus hours and only 5 or so are paid. Good thing its so fun!"kasey - "Thunder storm power outage friday! Husband and I ate dinner by candlelight and played some skip-bo. Not 30 seconds after i took this picture did the lights snap back on. :) great night!"

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