Thursday, June 9, 2011

Virginia & Dave - Lovebirds

About a week and a half ago, in the midst of the crazy rain/tornado warning days, I had the pleasure of doing a couples shoot with Virgina and Dave out at the Old Sugar Mill. Since photographing Dallis there for my ballerina project, as well as having my senior portraits taken there, I was dying to shoot there again. We made it there after they interior was closed, so the entire outside was free range with no one to bring us down! And well, they were just fabulously amazing, so take a look!I just love these blue doors so much! (Same blue doors Ariana took my now profile picture in front of!) and these two just rocked it out.
Super cute building just off to the side of the little grassy area. Love love love!
After the previous image, I realized this couple was a brave one. Dave asked "Can I put her up in the window or something?" Sure, go for it? And this is just one of the MANY end results from it.
From the THREE other times I have been here, I have somehow never noticed this little area. The giant gash in the ground helps it look even more awesome! Virginia and Dave brought their best model looks with them, and look simply smashing.
I found some new areas while in the Clarksburg area to shoot besides the Sugar Mill, and I cannot wait to go back again soon! I had a blast working with these two, through the wind and everything, they did amazing :)

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