Thursday, June 30, 2011

Family Portraits - Lincoln, CA

Last week you saw part one of Tania's family, now it is time for the casual part two! After a quick outfit change and the search for the right musical instrument, we began this half of the session inside their home. There were music themed posters all over the wall, and I thought it was just the perfect spot to feature dad and his girls playing their guitars.I asked the girls to find any sheet music that they could find for this next photo, and it became a full family scavenger hunt. Dad was pulling out his guitar books, while the girls were finding any piano related things they could find. I just LOVE this one so much!
We headed outside for a few more photos before calling it a day. These are a few more to add to their collection to use for their first album cover as an awesome family band :)
We couldn't allow dad to have ALL the attention, so we pulled mom Tania back in to get a few shots of just her and the girls together.
But you can't have a family portrait session at home without ALL members of the family, including those furry four legged ones! Such a trooper!

Thank you SO much for getting in contact with me Tania. I had a blast working with you and your family!

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