Thursday, June 23, 2011

Family Portraits - Lincoln, CA

Tania came my way through my aunt, who has been helping spread the word of my growing business quite proactively. We scheduled a family portrait session together at her home with her husband and two daughters. Everything went so smoothly, I would strongly suggest considering shooting in your own home for anyone's family portraits! It was such a comfortable environment, as well as created some very personal portraits for them to keep for years! Here is just the first set of the images, the second to come next week!I LOVE this next shot. Since we dragged the bench from their front porch to the middle of their yard, we made as much use of it as we could.
We moved on through to the back yard for a few more photos in their classy wear before doing the break downs. Seriously, consider your own back yard for photos!
The family is a group of musicians (which you saw on the father's day sneak peek post, as well as more to come in next week's post) so a formal photo around the piano seemed very fitting!
While the girls were changing, we stepped back outside for a few mom & dad portraits. Always something that should be included in every family portrait session :)
Stay tuned for next week's post with part two of this fun bunch full of music, pets, and love. I cannot wait to put the post together for you!

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