Saturday, June 4, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk21 & 22

So i'm making up for last week's last of post by giving you two photos today :) i totally spaced last week, and the only pictures i took aren't worth sharing... really, they're the window in my living room. not thrilling at all. anyways, here are some of the things that have gone on this week!
i've been having people ask for gift certificates, and i figured if i was being asked on multiple occasions, i might as well break down and make something generic, and still awesome at the same time. with the help of a sassy designs template, her digital papers, and a cute lorelai, i now have these as part of my products to offer. so yes! if you would like to purchase a gift certificate for yourself or someone you know, send me an email! i'm planning a super awesome summer offer with them as well, so stay tuned for that!
While you're reading this, i am already headed out to second shoot a wedding today with Georgette of G Aronow Photography. It will be my first full wedding of the season, as well as my first time as a second shooter. I spend the past few weeks working with a d300 instead of my usual d80, getting batteries charged, memory cards labeled (really, can you tell they're mine? haha) and making sure i know what to wear! I'm super excited, and i'm sure you'll hear about how it goes soon enough :)

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