Saturday, March 5, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk9

usually, i'm a procrastinator. when i say usually... i mean ALWAYS. waiting until the last minute, and then attacking an assignment like i was trying to win the olympics. today needed to at least be one day that i needed to NOT procrastinate at all... or at least try not not. so i created the list. things i needed to do. photographs that i needed to take. miscellaneous projects here and there. something to keep me busy (and productive) for the most part today.
as i write this entry, i can say that i've actually finished 4 out of 6 items on that list. one is currently in progress behind me, and well... my stuff from vegas still has yet to be put away. to sound even better, things are getting done that aren't on the list, like laundry and photo edits. i suppose i should check to see if i have any homework that needs to be added in to the mix!
and yes, jenny does love M.L.A.

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