Monday, March 14, 2011

oh nostalgia - del oro winter guard

my friends and i have been getting a bit nostalgic about high school lately, not even going to lie. i've had it pointed out to me that this summer will have been five years since i graduated high school, which leads to halfway to my ten year reunion. never mind that, but this is also the year that my sister started her first year of high school. oy! i can remember the days she was eating goldfish crackers at my 7th&8th grade basketball games, and sitting out in the stands wearing her "guard groupie" jacket at all our marching band & color guard performances. now, its her turn. she's joined the winter guard team, and has been (and will be) competing every weekend this month! i haven't made it to any of their competition performances due to my school project, but the parent's show i made it to, they did AWESOME! and yes, there was a reminder of how much i missed it as i watched them take the floor. of course, it also put me on the wild goose hunt to find this lovely gem of a photo from MY freshman year winter guard (taken by my dad, roger carroll).good luck on the remainder of your season, ladies and gents! you rocked it out at your parent's show, and i can't wait to see you come full circle at championships. keep up the good work :)

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