Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Feet - March 11, 2011

amy - "I should be cleaning in preparation of my parents coming to visit, but i'm being lazy and watching royal pains that finally posted online. "
emily - "crazy saturday with my 'to do' list sandwiched in between my photo shoots. this would be post younger sibling sr. portrait shoot out in penryn as we headed back to the car. after the mosquitos swarmed, the rain began, and a train came our way... AGAIN. oh! and you get to see my kelly clark bag that i just love so very much! insert uber excitement here :)"
jenny - "witnessing buddy the rabbit take on charlie the cat at betsy's house. i thought it was funny that her animals are even crazier than mine."
kasey - "Went out for a walk on a windy Thursday. Sat at one of the benches and snapped this shot. Monster Papa is waiting slightly patiently for me to get up so he can attempt to chase after the elderly man who walked by while on his cell phone."

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