Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dallis & William Lovebirds Session - Antelope, CA

If you've been following my posts for awhile now, you'll remember my ballerina project from last semester. With that project, you should remember Dallis, one of my gorgeous gals that volunteered. A few weeks back she messaged me about planning a session with her and her boyfriend William for their anniversary before they headed out to Santa Cruz for the weekend (jealous!) We met up at Gibson Ranch, and even thought it was a hot afternoon, these two rocked it out!
We ventured around spots in the park I have never used before, like this awesome brick wall. I absolutely love finding new things to use in places I have been before :)
This next one is a TOTAL favorite. Like giant wall canvas over the fireplace & christmas card kind of favorite. Yep. Totally adorable kids (can I still call them kids?) right here.

Putting this post together, I realized how much climbing on stuff I made Dallis do! She made everything look effortless and easy as pie. Aaaand after a day of photographing these two, she really makes me want my colored streaked hair back - she's going to beauty school and ALWAYS looks amazing! If you need anything, I can probably get you readers the hook-up!
Thanks again, Dallis & William. I hope you had a great time in Santa Cruz together! Let me know if you need any wall canvases and christmas cards ;)

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