Thursday, September 15, 2011

Devin - Class of 2012

Last week you saw part 1 of Devin's shoot, which was a more basic senior session. I'll preface this half with a little back story. Devin is a "hoofer", much like myself, and has picked it up as his specialty over the years. He will be graduating this year from Natomas Charter School, which is a school that has a very large focus on perfoming arts. Growing up, I somewhat envied my friends who got to go there, with their focuses on music, dance, painting, you name it! Even some of my previous ballerinas are graduating this year as well! I had Devin bring his tap shoes with him to his senior session, and while things started out pretty basic, in the end I had him moving all over the place to get the perfect shot :) I thought a more structured environment would be great for doing his tap portraits, and what could be better than my favorite Loomis Blue Goose? So many great textures and different levels for sitting, standing and tapping. I tried to get him to pose like Savion Glover, but boy does that man make it look way easier than it really is!I had such a great time photographing Devin both in and out of tap shoes, and was left with a desire to photograph more dancers. So believe me, after watching Devin tap down the stairs of the Blue Goose, there may just be another dancer project in the works! I cannot wait to photograph more seniors throughout the year. It's great to work with kids that are at such a great turning point in their lives. Good luck with the rest of your senior year Devin and class of 2012!

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