Saturday, September 3, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk 35

A photo that, of course, really had nothing to do with ANYTHING, but hey... it is what it is! And when a super adorable almost 7 year old says "you should take a picture of that goose" well, I couldn't help but comply with her suggestion! I'm happy to say that with the push and inspiration of some of my photographer friends I met in Vegas last February (Kelliana, Alej & Katie) I am working up to taking the plunge to have a more professional image for the Freeze Frame branding! I will make everyone VERY aware of it when it happens, so I'm sure you won't miss it ;) This self made logo has served me well since 2009, but the times are a changing, and especially after this week and seeing my next two weeks broadcasted on my calendar, I feel that good things might be coming my way! So stay tuned for new blog posts with sessions in the coming weeks, including that almost seven year old who is a very persuasive little one!

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