Thursday, September 8, 2011

Devin - Class of 2012

I have known Devin for what seems like forever, and throughout that whole forever period, he was shorter than me! (readers that don't know, i'm 5'11"... no joke). I did a small chunk of his senior portraits when we had the studio set up for our dance recital portraits, and when I stepped up to photograph him, I nearly had to stand on my toes to do so! We carried on to do a more relaxed outdoor session a week or so ago, and despite the heat (and the insanely packed park) we found some great areas to work in! The park we were at had a small creek area, and before we fought our way down to the rocks, there was this small brick utility type building that proved to be an excellent background.t-shirts and jeans always make for an excellent casual senior portrait session. Especially if they help express exactly how you are at that point in your life! We headed across the road to the other half of the park with a small bridge and wood fence to get some photos of Devin in his suit. I'm sure he was plenty done once we did a few in the first outfit, but he carried onward without a complaint :) Make sure you swing by next week for part 2 of Devin's post. You'll get to see how I really make him work for his session ;) No really, it's right up my alley, and I'm super excited for it! Happy Thursday everyone.

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