Thursday, September 22, 2011

Alaze Dance Portraits - Sacramento, CA

Every year, for I don't know HOW long, my dad has done the annual recital portraits for our dance studio. The past few years I have slowly taken over doing the photographing part while he does the viewing process. After the portraits were done and delivered, I was approached by one of the Grandma's in one of the classes and she mentioned how she wanted to get a session of Alaze in her dance costume. We set up a session for a Thursday evening after her dance class and headed down the road to William Land Park for a fun little session in the park. Dressed up in her "Goatherd" costume, we wandered the park and found a few neat little areas to shoot in! The outdoor ampitheather stage was an excellent backdrop with the stone wall. Loved it! Alaze was pretty determined to get a photo with the geese, and boy did we get quite a few! As well, she may have changed the song lyrics from "lonely goatherd" to "lonely geese herd" ;)

I just love her two missing front teeth :) Totally reminds me of my missing teeth days when I was little!

By total luck and coincidence, today is also Alaze's 7th birthday! She is one of the sweetest girls ever, and an extremely positive outlook. I've never heard her say a harsh word to anyone as long as I have known her, which made for a superb photo session as well. I can't wait to watch her grow over the years as a dancer and an even more amazing individual. Happy birthday my dear!

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